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global principles

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1.) Introduction


2.) First written warning  - don’t resign!


3.) How to get free legal advice from employment lawyers - 5 methods


4.) What you need to know about joining a trade union


5.) HR departments - what you need to know about them


6.) The importance of managing your image and how to go about it.


7.) Assembling a power-team to help you


8.) Working out what you really want – what does victory look like for you?


9.) Assessing your options:  remedy your alleged shortcomings, appeal, resign and some creative alternatives


10.) Your personal integrity: keeping things professional


11.) How to write a successful letter of appeal against a written warning for disciplinary or performance management issues


12.) Internal appeal hearings – the one key principle you must understand to win


13.) Internal appeal hearings – winning tactics and techniques


14.) The power of email evidence


15.) Evidence gathering - a powerful secret weapon!


16.) David v Goliath – understanding your advantages


17.) Delaying tactics - how to deploy them and how they can save your job


18.) Bullying and 6 other elephant traps for employers


19.) Bullying: tell tale signs that you are being bullied (you may not fully realise until years later)


20.) Why you shouldn't be afraid of making a retrospective bullying claim


21.) 5 legal ways to deal with bullying at work


22.) How to stop overt bullies


23.) How to stop covert bullies (aka sneaky bullies)


24.) Settlement agreements (leaving with dignity, should you choose to do so)


25.) Dismissal and Constructive Dismissal – down but not out


26.) Tribunals – why employers loathe them


27.) How to file for a tribunal (UK only)


28.) Tribunals – winning tactics and techniques


29.) How to access a free confidential helpline staffed by employment experts


30.) The role of Acas (UK only)


31.) Tips and techniques for negotiating the best possible out of court settlement before the tribunal (you have a lot more leverage than you think!)


32.) Keeping  a high morale


33.) How to get good references (5 legal methods)


34.) More on references and how employment agencies can be your behind the scenes friend


35.) Your future    


36.) Final word

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