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"Thanks Mark. Your pack gave me the confidence to take my employer to tribunal. I settled out of court for £6,000"


Mary Dillon, High Wycombe, UK.

"This product has filled so many gaps in my knowledge and is filled with practical common sense tips. I am now preparing for my appeal for unfair dismissal with renewed confidence."


Gillian Oakham, Auckland, NZ.

"This is a great product. I appealled my written warning and as a result got transferred to a different job which I much prefer.


Without this product I would probably have resigned."


Ron Tucker, Portland, OR USA.

"Great advice on techniques for internal appeals. I successfully appealed my final written warning against a bullying and racist manager"


Chen Yong, Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you your pack proved invaluable, I achieved exactly what I wanted from my former employer and only ended up using a solicitor to sign off the compromise agreement which was at my former employers expense.


Take heart everyone this pack inspires you to feel like you do stand a chance against the big boys.


Vivienne Stephens

Maidstone, UK

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience and the lessons you learned from that time. Nobody deserved to be treated with disrespect, you were strong and resilient and survived but it is enormously difficult. 


Are you familiar with the writings of Tim Field, his book is titled Bully in Sight (1997) interestingly he cites “being subjected to disciplinary procedures with verbal or written warnings

imposed for trivial or fabricated reasons and without investigation, or with a sham investigation” as bullying. (Reference:


The package you sent was enormously helpful; it is very informative and great value for money.  I am supporting a relative where it is also a case of bullying and logic is absent from managements side. The Head of HR along with a senior manager are the bullies.  A written warning was issued yesterday (thankfully not dismissal which was

threatened).  Now we have to prepare for an appeal. We haven’t made an official complaint about bullying. I am returning to your pack for

inspiration. Thanks



David Smyth,

Dublin, Ireland.

"This is a thought provoking and well researched pack that is great for workplace bullying - many thanks."


Arjun Bhandari, Chicago, IL, USA.

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